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Manuka Honey & Oats Soap Bar (ships 5/15)

Manuka Honey & Oats Soap Bar (ships 5/15)

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Our Manuka Honey & Oats Soap Bar has a creamy lather that is extremely moisturizing and made of oats, manuka honey (from the nectar of the manuka tree), and aloe vera, Its wavy, texture allows a natural exfoliation, as its soft, dewy consistency cleanses. This Manuka Honey & Oats Soap Bar is commonly used on for babies and adults. 


Directions: Using water, lather freely and apply this soap to your face and body. (Please avoid getting this in your eyes-to avoid burning sensation, and your mouth). We recommend using this product daily for face and/or body.  follow up with one of our moisturizers in mind.


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